Musician: BlueSub Music Assembly

BLUESUB Music Assembly is a group of young, skilled and creative MUSICIANS performing  diverse styles of music.  From Traditional, Standard and Modern Jazz. Bossa and Samba to the Pop/ R&B and upbeat reggae rhythms, down to sentimental love songs & Ballads.

Educated and trained at the University of Santo Tomas, Conservatory of Music, inspired by different music styles, they spice up their sound with a dash of Classical, Rock, Funk, and Latin, and  other possible styles, taking their music to the extreme. From upbeat tunes to ballads, they will make you experience new music that mixes styles at will, coming up with a sound that breaks new ground.

BLUESUB Music Assembly is a collaboration of dedicated musicians, sharing a common passion to explore and harness every aspect of musicianship.

They also provide entertainment / performances for the following social events

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Engagement parties
  • Corporate Marketing events
  • Business Establishment Openings
  • Christmas & Birthday Parties
  • Product  Launching
  • Expos & Exhibits

Contact Details

  • Account Executive: Samuel John R. Señoran
  • Company Name: Bluesub Music Assembly
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Number: +639209230079 | +639154206674 |+639228153348
  • Website:

Why We LOVE Them!

You only need to listen to their music and you’ll understand 🙂

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