Ceremony: Madre De Dios

Contact Details

  • Account Manager: Sharon Cobrador
  • Company Name: Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Club, Inc.
  • Address: Madre De Dios Chapel, Tagaytay Midlands, Tagaytay City, Philippines
  • Email Address: spcobrador@tagaytayhighlands.com|banquets@tagaytayhighlands.com
  • Contact Number: +63 (46) 483-3657|+63 (46) 483-0820 / 3657
  • Website: http://www.tagaytayhighlands.com/

Why We Love Them!

Both Danny and I want to have a very intimate ceremony where we can feel very close to our guest and our guest to each other. Here are some of the reasons why we picked Madre De Dios for our ceremony:

  • The place is so serene and the view of Taal Volcano is just so wonderful
  • It is an escalator away from the reception, Midlands Veranda, so it’s very convenient for all the guests especially the elderly
  • The chapel can accommodate up to 200 guests which very well fits our 150 guest list
  • The aisle is not too long so the risk of tripping over your wedding dress or endless tears ruining your make-up is low (this is very important!)
  • It’s air conditioned so guests won’t grow too much muscle trying to swing a fan (but you can request to turn it off if you want to save some money)

We took below photos during our first ocular visit last December 2011. We got lucky because there was a wedding happening during that day, the place was setup under their ‘Basic’ package rate.

The View at Tagaytay Highlands

How to Get to Tagaytay Highlands

We hope your travel will be smooth and safe. Looking forward to celebrate with you on our big day 😀 Here’s the map going to the ceremony site and reception.

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