To Elias who turned one today


We can’t thank the Lord enough for the gift of you. You are Nanay and Tatay’s answered prayer, our daily miracle and our precious love.


You are my favourite alarm clock. Nothing beats your morning hugs, kisses and painful wrestle.

Seeing you and Tatay sleep, play, read, eat and laugh together will always be the best part of my day.


How you force to sit on our lap when watching TV or reading a book, you never fail to warm our hearts with your sweet clever moves.


I will forever hold dear in my memory all your “first’s”… smile, head raise, babble, laugh, sit, stand, tooth, solid food, high five, clap and walk.


Even the difficult ones, like your reflux until you are six months old , first fever at 38.9 degrees, our first rush to the ER at 2am when you had gastroenteritis, when none of us could sleep because you had bronchiolitis, your first blood test (I swear I killed those nurses in my head) and our frequent struggle with awful coughs and colds (nasal spray, nasal drops, eucalyptus rubs, nebuliser and all types of nasal name it, we tried it all).

You are always such a happy kid in spite of it all.


We are so proud of you. Nanay and Tatay can’t ask for anything more except for your safety and happiness. May you always find a reason to laugh.


We love you anak.



2 thoughts on “To Elias who turned one today

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  1. Thank God for Elias indeed! I’m sorry for not being there. Hope to see u soon baby E.. hugs & kisses from Kuyas Yosef & Yuan Tita Daisy and Tito Rye


  2. Awwww. Happy birthday Elias! You are definitely loved! I wish that you will have that amazing and genuine smile of pure happiness for the rest of your life. Kisses! – Tita Reich


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