Elias First Art Museum Experience


Imaginarium 2017 at Singapore Art Museum, titled To the Ends of the Earth, is the seventh edition in the contemporary art exhibition series geared toward families and children featuring a total of nine art installations.


Lizard Tail

By Hiromi Tango, a Japanese-Australian artist


Immersing participants in a colourful and interactive soft-sculpture environment, Hiromi Tango shares tales of adaptation and survival based on the metaphor of the lizard’s unique ability to regrow its lost tail. Brought to life with performances and art-making workshops, Lizard Tail explores the powerful potential of art-making as an agent for healing, as well as mental and emotional development.

The Origin: The Tree and Me & The Unborn

By Nandita Mukand, a Singapore-based visual artist


Inspired by the old trees along Singapore’s East Coast Park, it share a story of man’s life in an urbanised environment which remains inevitably intertwined with nature.

Floating Mountain

By Unchalee Anantawat, a Thai Artist


Inspired by one of many imaginary landscapes that the artist Unchalee has explored in her dreams. The artist has a vivid memory of jumping from a floating mountain into an azure blue sea. The work expresses the artist’s certainty that there are indeed other worlds – be they dream-worlds or universes that humans have yet to explore.

License 2 Draw

By UuDam Tran Nguyen, a Vietnamese artist


 It is highly-interactive exhibition. You become the artist and can take control of a robotic drawing machine to sketch out lines on a blank “canvas”. It harnesses the power of the Internet and allows people to control the robotic drawing machine from an app.


By Mary Bernadette Lee another Singaporean Artist



Her installation is intended to remind visitors of the natural world and experiences such as walking through a tropical rainforest or strolling through the park.

My Wonderful Dream 2

By Eko Nugroho, one of Indonesia’s most acclaimed contemporary artists


The artist imagines lands without borders – where fantastical characters float freely across islands and continents, and where people recognise the similarities rather than differences within each culture. My Wonderful Dream suggests that life would be beautiful if we lived in peace, happiness, tolerance, and togetherness, but it also ponders the reality of humanity’s complex psyche.

Another Island

By Nipan Oranniwesna, a Japanese Artist


Pays tribute to the tiny island of Singapore with 598 minuscule photographs of Singapore. These have been encased in resin and set into the floor boards of the exhibit. Be prepared to get on your hands and knees to squint at the photographs. They are vignettes of urban and natural landscapes from past and present Singapore.

The Experience

@10 Months, Elias was surprisingly inquisitive but we can sense he gets overwhelmed by the many details he is seeing. Normally, when he feels comfortable in the environment, he will touch anything that comes his way or twist his body until you put him down. But in the museum, he wants to be mostly carried while he silently and seriously roam his eyes around. We would call his name to bring him back to earth and he will look at us and smile.

Overall, it was pretty eventful for us to finally share this kind of activity with our kid. This is our first as a family to visit an art exhibit and we look forward to many more. We want Elias to get exposed to creative works and appreciate art as much as his Tatay do.

As the saying goes, “The Earth without ART is just Eh!” 🙂


Here are some helpful information, in case you want to check it out:

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.16.08 PM

How the Rest of the Day Went

Elias on his way to his first MRT ride experience 🙂


After two stops, we went down to Somerset station to grab some food. “Why so fast Nanay?!”
Tatay wants to try this new ice cream place
Elias wants to try it too 😛
Poor Baby.. stuck in a front facing carrier forced to watch the yummy ice cream pass by  😀
We stepped out of the mall afterwards to enjoy the afternoon breeze
The struggle is REAL to get a decent photograph with a baby 😀
You never know how the picture will turn out
You just have to keep trying and hope you get a decent one
Lucky we have a professional photographer all the time 🙂

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