Our Second Year Valentines Day Celebration as Mr. and Mrs. Santos


Since the last time we posted an article on this blog, there are sooooooooo many wonderful stories to share that went by and we failed to write about. I super hate the fact that I was not able to capture in writing our first year valentines day celebration as Mr. and Mrs. Santos. Argh! It would have been so cool to read and rekindle the memories a year after. And for that, I vehemently blame Mr. and Mrs. Evil Procrastination! This year, 2014…NO MORE MISSING OUT! I am committed to put a stop to it and get back to writing our adventure.

So here it goes, our first ever article as a married couple.. ***applause*** 😀

February 14 is a very special day for us, not only because it is valentines day, it is also the day when Danny asked me to marry him. So technically speaking, it is our wonderful engagement anniversary day as well.  Awesome, right? It will always be a sweet double celebration for us.  And that, my dear, means… LESS MONEY TO SPEND 😀

Now that we are married, SWEET no longer equates to out of town travels, expensive gifts or fancy restaurant dates. While all those things are great and we still plan to do them, when you get married, SWEET means constantly working together to build a strong physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial foundation for your family. Your mindset changes! You long for deeper more mature ways to celebrate and express love for each other.

I guess this explains why our second year valentines day celebration as Mr. and Mrs. Santos is very different compared to all our previous celebration.

As early as first week of January, we already talked about NO fancy event celebrations this year. Instead, we agreed to do the “52-Week Money Savings Challenge” – every end of the week, Danny will put an increasing pre-calculated amount of money on a Jar as a gift for me and I do the same for him until the end of the year.

52 week money challenge

Since we started doing this, we get so happy and excited seeing the jar getting filled up with money as planned. We hug the jar every time, give each other a big grin and talk about where we can use the money. This is Danny imagining all the money we’ll have by end of the year. So adorable 😀

dan with jar

As husband and wife, exploiting every opportunity to save money for bigger things becomes a common goal and fun bonding activity for us.

Now, having said all that…SWEET still means pleasantly surprising each other! On valentines day, Danny surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered in the office 😀

feb 2014 flower from dan

The colors were lovely and it smelled so good! But it’s not just about the flowers that is uber sweet about this. Ever since our engagement, every valentines day, Danny had consistently surprised me with the most beautiful flowers that comes with the most heart melting love letter.

Danny’s 2012 Valentines Day Message:

dan vday 2012 message

Danny’s 2013 Valentines Day Message:

dan vday 2013 message

Danny’s 2014 Valentines Day Message:

dan vday 2014 message

Each of them, made me cry after reading it for the first time. I feel so loved and as a wife, they become part of my most valuable possession in life.

vday flowers with me and dan

On my end, a week before valentines day, I already decided to go a little bit crazy and do something for him that is completely out of my comfort zone. Below was my surprise to Danny which I posted exactly at 12am of Feb 14. Believe it or not, I practiced for 3 days secretly just to make sure I don’t embarrass my guitar teacher so bad 😀

Screen shot 2014-02-16 at AM 01.22.29

Thank goodness I had 44 Facebook friends (as of this writing) who bothered to ‘like’ my post to let me know they didn’t die after seeing and hearing my public performance 😀 Thank you guys, most specially to those who took the extra effort to leave a positive comment, for not disowning me as a friend or relative! 😀

For our dinner date, we decided to buy some groceries and cook together. We enjoyed a sumptuous meal over scented candle light dinner and watched a great movie while eating cupcakes and brownies in our room 😀

diy vday meal

Our Do-It-Yourself VDAY Course meal was a success and left us with not only sweet memory but hefty calories! 😀

We loved our second year valentines and engagement anniversary day a lot! Definitely another significant milestone in our relationship 😀

Thank you God for all the blessings and for your precious gift of marriage that me and Danny enjoy everyday.

Wishing Everyone a Happy Hearts Day Everyday!!!! Cheers!!! 😀

vday actual meal plus us

2 thoughts on “Our Second Year Valentines Day Celebration as Mr. and Mrs. Santos

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  1. Weeee! Kakakilig!☺️ such an awesome couple! So so happy seeing you both so in love with each other..And hey we share the same celebration, valentines and engagement anniversary and what a fun to celebrate it haha😉 … (I love that money jar concept let me try that haha… )

    Danny and Kheng keep the love love love flowing ❤️❤️❤️ , you’re both an inspiration to everyone. May God always bless your relationship.

    Hugs and kisses to both of you. Muah!


    1. Awwwwww ❤ Thank you Ganda!!! I'm soooooo looking forward to seeing you walk down the aisle soon. By the way, really curious if you are visiting SG soon. Danny and I have some plans for you guys, assuming you and Atan are up for it. Let us know 😀 Happy Valentines and Engagement Anniversary to both of us. Cheers!!!!


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