The View at Tagaytay Highlands

Here’s to give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive at Tagaytay Highlands on your way to Madre De Dios Chapel + Midlands Veranda  for the ceremony and reception.

  • It’s another 20-30mins ride to reach Midlands Veranda/Madre De Dios as soon as you enter  Tagaytay Highlands main gate
  • The road is mostly curvy and there are parts that are a bit steep so.. DON’T DRINK and DRIVE 😛
  • You can not enter the premise unless you are a member or is registered as an official guest.

Below is a recording of our road trip. Enjoy! 😀

Don’t worry! Any type of car can get there. This little fellow made it 😀

2 thoughts on “The View at Tagaytay Highlands

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  1. hello sis

    congrats, i found your wedsite via google-> metrophoto>tagaytay h. im glad i found it. ive never been to that place, saw your video hooray! parang nakapunta na ako, i will be having ocular on 18 dec 2012 as i have booked it for my wedding on 12.22.13 yay! 1 year after yours!

    babalikan ko to with your wedding picturs

    congrats sis! this is it na for your wedding. december has arrived, time will flies and its your big day na. your wedsite is inspiring 😉

    best wishes



    1. Hi Che,

      Super nice!!!! We have the same month and day 🙂

      Sorry it took awhile for me to reply back. Got a little bit busy with all the preparation and work afterwards.

      I hope your things are doing great in your preparation. But this I can tell you, you can never go wrong with Tagaytay Highlands! It is such a beautiful place to be married. I’ll write more about it soon.

      Here are our wedding pictures if you are still keen 🙂

      Cheers to your wedding and have fun!!!!


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