Vintage Entourage Outfit

If I have to choose one part of my wedding preparation that took the longest — It is looking for the most wonderful french vintage outfit I can find to be worn by our most loved entourage.  It involves walking around shopping malls to find inspiration and endless weekend of Google Image Search.

Boy! The web surfing part can be really hard at times. How I wish I can be pampered like that brat on my intro image 😀 — It is so stressful, I ended up writing a blog about it: Goodness! Fix your website and get more money

But thank you fashion! — The pain is finally OVER! — And I must say — It was all worth it! 🙂

I LOVE all the designs and I can’t wait to see our lovely entourage wearing them on our big day! If only this page can scream, you’ll be deaf in a second 😀



Measurement starts — NOW!

  • For those in Manila: Please expect to receive a message from our coordinator, Events Experts, anytime soon for the schedule and location. You can also contact them if you prefer a specific timing.
  • For those outside Manila: Please fill up the measurement form and send it to ( Teresa Hagape Creations) and cc: (Events Experts)
  • Ladies (except for the flower girls) –> Kindly leave  a comment on this post or message me in FB for your shoe size 😀

3 thoughts on “Vintage Entourage Outfit

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  1. Will show Alyanna the dress that she will be wearing… For sure she will love it! Very nice! Thanks Kathleen and Dan! Looking forward to your big day!!! 🙂


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