Save the Date!

Here’s the story behind our Save The Date Video

First of all, I LOOOOOOOOOVE OUR SAVE THE DATE VIDEO 😀 Second of all …I really LOVE IT! 😀 And third… OK, I’m just going to repeat what I said 😛

But I’ve got to be honest, the whole process of coming up with a concept was brutal! Between Danny and I, our typical brainstorming session is VERY intense. We usually end up settling things over several bottles of beer.

Seriously, we both need to calm down and remember WE LOVE EACH OTHER when it comes to ideas. We are like two different advertising companies trying to get each other as a client to sign up the deal. Get the picture?… It’s Crazy!

After lots of detailed concepts and frustrations, we ended up agreeing on key points we want to make sure we hit on our Save the Date video:

  • NO PRETENTIOUS SICKLY SWEET STUFF! — This is our biggest NO-NO! We both know — We are NO fit for a Cinematic Love Team Drama. Whatever we put out there has to reflect — US!
  • It has to be easy to execute — We are sooooooo busy trying to make money for the wedding. The last thing we need is another box-office project that will take us two years to create like Titanic 😀
  • Short and Sweet — If we are busy…then so with the whole world. Our rule, 3-mins MAX!

Months past… Danny and I became more and more busy at work. We realized, it’s close to 6 months before our Wedding Day and we still don’t have a final idea. We both surrendered our flag and agreed to focus on this —> JUST GET IT DONE! 😀

Danny suggested to compile our old videos and see what we got. I agree! …so we extracted all our stored videos from our cellphone, camera and laptop. And…


BUT NOT FOR DANNY! — His hell just started 😀

I remember seeing him teary-eyed on several nights while working on the video. And it’s not because of our triumphant years of relationship. It is due to the bad side effect of watching tons and tons of  childish clips with bad resolution and frequently hand-shaking shots.

After that, he had to quickly learn how to edit videos using Adobe Premier, add our favorite music, do a first pass version, show it to me, listen to all my whining, edit again and again until he finally came up with this wonderful video 😀 Poor guy!

But hey, I made sure I gave him all the junk foods and sweets supply I can get to keep his energy high. It worked! — Including the additional 2 inches  on his belly 😀

We hope you like the video. It is meant to share with everyone a piece of our adventure.

Oh, and please…

SAVE THE DATE: 12.22.2012 😀

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