Goodbye my Garden Wedding Dream

Walking down the aisle of greens and flowers in a serene afternoon was how I picture myself going to the altar as me and my fiance say “I DO” on our wedding day.

The picture-perfect thought of it got me so fired up and googling for inspiration.

When I found this wedding on the net, I knew it’s what I wanted. An elegant white vintage style wedding, setup in a lush green garden. I didn’t waste time after that. I immediately focus on finding a venue in Philippines where I can gracefully execute the concept and figured Tagaytay will be the best location for it.

Then I found Hillcreek Gardens. I thought Hill Creek was perfect for both Ceremony and Reception.

  • First it’s in Tagaytay.
  • Second, they only allow one wedding event per day (I love exclusivity).
  • Third, they provide adequate parking space and security.
  • Most of all, thier venue is filled with wonderful lush green surroundings
  • Not to mention, they also have a small chapel which adds to the serene feel of the place.

I sent the information to my fiance hoping to get an approval from him to proceed with the next steps. Good thing, he liked it too. So, right away, I sent the contact person an email, requested and got their wedding package rates, inquired back on thier availability and luckily got to pencil book our event in Hill Creek.

Whew! I was so excited 🙂

I thought I had it all figured out until I noticed a pattern in the garden wedding pictures. There are no priests officiating garden weddings in all of the Filipino wedding pictures I saw.


Me and Danny are both Roman Catholics and after doing enough research regarding the possibilities of us having a Garden Wedding, I found out that…

  1. You need to get approval from the Bishop of the Diocese in which the wedding takes place. It is theoretically possible but highly doubtful that a bishop would approve of such an arrangement since as per Canonical Law (Canon1118) , Nuptial Masses are supposed to take place in a Catholic Church.References:
  2. You can try to look for Orthodox Catholic Bishop to officiate your wedding.These types of priests have different sort of law and can marry Christians outside the church. All Orthodox are considered to be Catholic by Rome. It is the Vatican that has said that the Orthodox share the Catholic Faith and are separated sister Catholic Churches. Reference:

The two points above were enough for me to say goodbye to my garden wedding dream. There is no sense in doing outdoor ceremony if what I am asking for is to be treated as a special case unecessarily. The whole point of getting married is for our relationship to be blessed by God and going through a whole lot of effort just to go around the law is just pure selfish.Nothing is more important than to celebrate in the presence of the Lord together with the rest of our love ones.

Now…even though, it is NOT going to be a garden wedding, I’m sure it still going to be wonderful 🙂

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