Goodness! Fix your website and get more money >.<

I thought that planning a wedding will be sooooooooo much fun. Oh well, at least until I had to go through a lot of wedding and vendor sites having ugly design, old-age user flow, unbearable slow page loading, awful galleries with blinding tiny pictures and lots of HTTP 404 errors.

My enthusiasm totally turns into anger. — I HATED IT!

I wonder why wedding suppliers, or all companies in general, don’t focus on making sure their online presence is as good as their service. A lot of consumers, such as I, no longer go through the decision process of buying without performing due diligence online.

If you suck online, then I am not buying! It’s as simple as that!

I am sure my co-bridezillas are nodding their head and pumping their fists out there. Going through such site is TORTURE!

Information & Technology has been married for a long time and they are not getting any divorce soon!

I hope all the businesses out there realize the relationship of identity and online world and pay attention to making superb presence.

Only then will they make more money!

3 thoughts on “Goodness! Fix your website and get more money >.<

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    1. Yup! These websites have NO MERCY for Soon-To-Be-Weds. I blame MULTIPLY for their free service and AWFUL GALLERY FEATURE >.<

      Thanks for visiting our site Riv 😀


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